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Looking Forward to Tech Fest 2014

What could 2.7 million re-tweets do for your event or business?

Why not find out by chatting to Smiley Booth at Tech Fest 2014? We'll be showcasing our fabulous Twitter Mirror, Smart Booth, HashTag Printing, Party Print and more. If you've been to a party or wedding where there was a party photo booth then you'll appreciate how popular, and often addictive they can be for the guests. If you have never seen one before don't worry, a booth at your event adds something completely different and special to the day and the photographs that are produced will be cherished for years to come. If you are organising a special party or wedding any time soon click on the link to see a heap of good information on Best Wedding Photo Booth in London.Social Media is not new, it is a necessity but often companies and even marketing managers and event planners find it difficult to seamlessly build it into their brand marketing or event planning. Well we have all the creative solutions you need!

Facebook announced there are now 200 million Instagram users. No wonder our Instagram and Twitter Print Stations are proving so popular - connecting with all those people love displaying and printing their Instagram Twitter photos at events.

Smiley Booth's Hashtag service allows you to create event-based Instagram Twitter print stations, so delegates/guests can hashtag photos on their mobile devices in order to print and display them in real time at your event.


Print hashtag photos from Instagram, Twitter Email.

Display Instagram Twitter slideshows/walls.

Create Instagram Flip Books from videos.

Upload incoming photos to Facebook or FTP.

Fully manageable interface

Full digital branding on-screen

A photo booth in all your guests pockets

Bring together simultaneous tweets from all over the world

Brand new, experiential marketing tool!

By getting people talking about your brand through posts to Instagram Twitter using your hashtag, you are building your social media footprint. For every post with your hashtag, all of that user's friends will see your brand and the social media outreach is exponential. Photos encourage people to post more as they receive a print of the photo too, plus by receiving a copy of all the photos after the event it allows you to crowdsource your event photos.

Want to test it out? Tweet us your photos this week and we will have these printed on the stand. Let us demonstrate how we can converge photos from all over the world building excitement and momentum for your event or campaign before, during and after. The theme is "Love to Smile". Tweet pictures to @SmileyBooth using the hashtag #techfestevent and the most creative photo will even get a mystery prize at Tech Fest 2014. We'll also retweet to our 16K followers providing more exposure for your business.

So what are you waiting for? Get tweeting.

@smileybooth #techfestevent


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