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Peel to submit £1bn Trafford Waters scheme

Aaron Morby | Thu 12th March | 14:21

Peel Land Property has unveiled plans for a massive mixed-use development scheme to be known as Trafford Waters.

The development on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal in Trafford, will combine up to 3,000 flats and nearly 900,000 sq ft of offices, shops and leisure buildings.

Peel has laced the scheme with green corridors and waterways and said the proposal represents an investment of £1bn.

It will formally submit a planning application this month after public consultation got underway today.

Trafford Waters will be linked to the intu Trafford Centre by a Green Bridge, providing residents, employees and visitors with easy access to the bus station and Metrolink stop.

Trafford Waters site

Trafford Waters site on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal in Trafford

Trafford Waters masterplan

£1bn mixed-use scheme

James Whittaker, Development Director at Peel Land Property, said, "We have been working on the vision and masterplan for Trafford Waters for over 15 years.

"It will be an exemplar, sustainable development that will create a space for a new community to live, work and play. The strong links with the intu Trafford Centre and Trafford Leisure Village and unrivalled transport connections, including the Trafford Park Metrolink extension, will make Trafford Waters the place to be."

IBI Group for masterplanning and heritage

Gillespies for landscape architecture

TTHC for transport

NJL Consulting for planning

BWB Consulting for environmental assessment

Bureau Veritas for air quality

Hyder Cresswell for ecology

Amion for economic and social analysis

Low Carbon Design Consultants for energy and sustainability

CgMS for archaeology

Turner and Townsend for cost consultancy

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Trafford Waters

Peel's proposals include large apartments suitable for families and offices alongside a mix of small-shops, leisure and community uses

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