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New president for Institute of Concrete Technology

News » UK » New president for Institute of Concrete Technology » published 13 Apr 2015

He takes over from Peter Hewlett who has stood down after seven years.

Raman Mangabhai is now vice president, Steve Walton is honorary secretary and Norman Greig is honorary treasurer.

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Professor Michael Grantham began his career in adhesives and plastics research but has been involved in non-destructive testing and the diagnosis of defects in structures since the 1970s.  He has worked for, and in some cases helped to found, several of the better known materials testing organisations.

He is co-author of Testing of Concrete in Structures with Bungey and Millard and is currently working on a 5th edition.  In recent years, he has focussed on concrete repair and is chair and organiser of the Concrete Solutions series of international conferences on concrete repair.  He is also editor of the book, Concrete Repair - a Practical Guide published by Spon.  He is also a consultant to Sandberg. 

This article was published on 13 Apr 2015 (last updated on 13 Apr 2015).


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