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This week, the accolade of Star image on the DP website goes to Flofoto Photography, for their aptly titled capture Damp Dapper. This wedding took place in Hawaii, and the shooting duo said that "all five days were sunny hot days apart from the wedding day itself, when it rained heavily. Surprisingly the damp scenario added an unexpected sophistication to the day."

We love the colour grading in the shot, and although there's an effective cool atmosphere to the image, the bride and groom have been recorded with faithful skin tones in mind. If you've been to a party or wedding that had a photo booth then you'll realise how popular, and even addictive they can be for the guests. If you have never seen one before don't worry, a photo booth at your event will add something completely original and special to the day and the results will be cherished for many years to come. If you are organising a wedding or party any time soon clicking on the following link will get you lots of great information on Cornwall Wedding Photo Booth Hire.Check out more Flofoto Photography on our website or visit their personal website now!

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